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Adenita is the author of 9 Matahari ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, Goodreads Indonesia: Forum Buku Yang Dibaca Bulan Februari , 73, Download Novel Jingga Untuk Matahari Karya Esti.. Download our pdf novel 9 matahari eBooks for free and learn more about pdf novel 9. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Executed as a German spy by the French in , The Spy: A novel. Paulo Coelho · out of 5 stars site Edition. $ · Mata Hari: The Controversial Life and Legacy of World War I's Most Famous Spy.

As political tensions mount? How does Mata Hari describe dance? How is cultural appropriation discussed throughout the novel? How do masculine figures in her life contend with her grasp for power? With whom does she share real affection?

How are personal secrets and political treachery interwoven throughout the narrative? Discuss the paranoia that emerges among male authority figures in the novel as political tensions flare. How does she treat her responsibilities as H21? How would you describe the working relationship between Mata Hari and her manager, Astruc?

Discuss the scene on the beach in which Mata Hari reveals the true facts of her background to him. How does this alter their relationship? Trace is enthralled. There, she must face herself as she was in the past, while struggling to change the course of her destiny.

She is soon swept away into a journey of suspicion and treachery, and must fight for her life. Can she survive the past? Can she return to the present? Can true love endure for all time? I really enjoyed the intertwining of a time travel tale with a holiday romance twist, the historical references were realistic, while the time travel between the present and past kept me intrigued right to the end.

Initial Thoughts Yikes, this was a fast read. It's not a novella but this hardly felt like a novel. Which isn't to say that it was bad but this one left me really wanting more. The story is first person, and Mata Hari or M'greet doesn't do introspection. All very fascinating and intriguing, but I just wanted more -- more lingering, more depth, more development, more details.

Small bursts of emotion provoked -- especially M'greet's pathetic end -- and I wish I experienced more while reading. Are Moran's other novels like this? Longer view to come. View all 4 comments.

Jun 29, Megan Elizabeth rated it did not like it Shelves: It makes me so sad that I didn't like this book. Michelle Moran is one of my favorite authors and I was really excited to read her newest book about a character I knew next to nothing about. I wanted to like this book; I really tried to like this book and care about the characters.

Menggapai Matahari

I was extremely disappointed! The book was on the slim side so the story never really ended up going anywhere. The book basically turned into a list of officers Mata Hari had slept with.

And if that's what you want to It makes me so sad that I didn't like this book. And if that's what you want to do with your life, you do you buddy. My problem was that everything else in the novel became secondary to listing all the officers. Mata Hari just wasn't a sympathetic character; she lacked depth so I didn't care at all about what happened to her or the hundreds of fur coats she bought. The flashbacks only gave us the most basic insight into her character, but nothing within the bulk of the novel really made me root for her.

More often than not I wanted to shake her and say stop making terrible decisions. The characters were all one dimensional and the writing was repetitive. I can only read the sentence "I crossed my legs so my sarong slid up my thigh" so many times before I want to hurl the book across the room!

Fame, fortune, propaganda, war, family. This book pretty much delves straight into the life of Mata Hari as she desperately tries to survive having come to Paris. Starting this book, I knew little about her life, only that she was executed for espionage in World War One.

Throughout the story, her past is slowly revealed, information is drip fed, and my own feelings and attitude towards the character changed completely. By the end of this book, I felt a little empty, I was a little numb wi 5 Words: By the end of this book, I felt a little empty, I was a little numb with shock.

Because even though I knew the historical truth, in my head I still hoped that maybe there would be a happy ending. A lot of the story focused on the protagonist's material belongings - what she wore, what she bought, what she was gifted. It felt very sumptuous, the writing itself was rich and colourful and glittering.

This was an integral part to the character, in building her up and showing who she was and why. It felt right. And as much as it threw me a little, and at first it meant that I didn't like her so much, by the end I understood completely.

I have never read this author before, but I absolutely will keep an eye out in future. And I've reserved her back-catalogue at the library. I was provided with a copy free via the publisher for review. Mata Hari was a really strange book from Michelle Moran. I do think that Mata Hari would make an interesting subject for a novel, but the execution is so odd.

The book is short, and I mean really short. I took me between 3 and 4 hours maximum to read, and feels much shorter than any other novel from Moran. The attention to historical detail is, as others have pointed out, absent. Like a painting where the background is just a blurry suggestion.

We get a vague, fuzzy sketch of what is happening but we never go into any real depth. Much of it is surface fluff, Mata Hari going from one performance and liaison to the next. I felt like I was waiting for the greater depth and insight into Mata Hari, or a connecting theme of the story to reveal itself… and it never did. Mata Hari seems to me like the bare bones of a novel — a first draft with all the events sketched out but none of the meat on paper yet. Nov 23, J. Dunn rated it did not like it.

By page 55, the last vestige of hope had gone for this work and the only remaining hope was that it might burst into flames and self-destruct. Epitomizes the worst trends in HF beginning with a nearly-headless female on the cover, the image out of focus but if it were Mata Hari one wouldn't know it.

A shame, because she was an interesting-looking creature especially decked out in her dancing costumes. Back to the horror show: A grown woman in the year sounds as if she is talking to fellow 8th-grade girlfriends. She even uses the word 'movie', one of many anachronisms sufficient to bring forth an actual scream and hiss from any sensible reader. Description of setting for either Paris or the interiors of et seq, is superfluous when there is any description.

So the apartment downloadd for Mata Hari is said to have 'cedar' beams highly doubtful, for a number of reasons and the carpets are 'Persian'.

This is what happens when a middle class writer attempts to write about luxury. Maybe oriental rugs are a big deal in the milieu of Ms. Moran in the 21st century, but at a Savonnerie or Aubusson gracing the floor would be the ne plus ultra for a courtesan.

Even the detail of a flower Mata Hari puts in her hair seems wrong: Why not a gardenia for the scent.

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There is little tension, no overall theme, no plot other than Mata Hari lurching from one male assignation to the next, at regular intervals. Again, a bit of in-depth research might have resulted in an actual story to tell. The subject deserves much better. There are typos, like 'widow' rather than 'window'. Big 5 publishers must really be having austere times not to line edit even the junior titles like this one. Things continue to deteriorate to the bitter end, which it must be confessed was avoided.

Could not finish this book.

Mar 11, Regina Lindsey rated it liked it Shelves: I confused the order of things. I created pain; I danced to my own destruction. Supporters consistently attempt to get the French government to re-open her case to determine if the military tribunal sentencing her to death had any evidence to support their claims or if the entire trial was a sham, a propaganda stunt by the French to deflect failings in the war effort.

The ment "Now I understand the truth: The mention of her names conjures up salacious images of an exotic dancer and a seductress of military leaders across Europe. With a little documented past it would seem a perfect figure for an historical novel. But, and I should say I usually love Moran's work, this just fell flat for me.

I think it was mainly that I didn't find her a sympathetic character in the least even with the line Moran chose to follow.

I simply found her in this tale simply foolish. Or maybe it is because I come with my own bias towards Mata Hari's role in the war.

This is a typical Moran work - you will find the fast paced, page-turning aspect of her other work. However, some of it seemed a bit rushed. I found myself wanting her to paint more of a picture of pre-war Europe than she did, although I did like the tension between Mata Hari and Eduordo, the lawyer who discovered her talents. I also felt Mata Hari's time as a "spy" was rushed. But, I recognize that may have been a deliberate choice by Moran since she chose the perspective she did regarding Mata Hari's guilt or innocence.

While I spent most of my time frustrated with Marta Hari, I do think Moran showed how lonely she was in the end and, I admit, I felt a tug at my heart. For what it's worth. There's absolutely nothing to suggest she feels the kind of loyalty she professed to France. But, I don't think she was "the most dangerous spy of the twentieth century," nor did she cause the death of the number of French soldiers for which she was accused.

Anytime I need a quick read she's one of my go-to authors. View 1 comment. Since I read Moran's Nefertiti many years ago she has remained one of my go-to historical fiction authors. She has a knack for bringing strong female leaders from history to the forefront telling their stories with vivid detail and heart. Going into this book all I knew about Mata Hari was that she was a beautiful, seductive Since I read Moran's Nefertiti many years ago she has remained one of my go-to historical fiction authors.

Unfortunately, after reading this book I don't feel like I got to really know the woman behind the famous name. That said, this would have been a hard book to write because, although Mata Hari is famous, little is documented about her which leaves Moran to piece together the story and her idea of how events transpired. Even today Mata Hari's death is veiled in suspicion and conspiracy. Unfortunately I didn't feel as drawn into this book as I have with Moran's previous works. I didn't have a connection with Mata Hari and felt that the book lacked Moran's usual depth of story and emotion leaving me with little sympathy for Mata Hari's decisions which were often selfish and quite immature.

I think if more time was focused on Mata Hari's past I could have gotten a better understanding of how and why she became such a well-known historical figure. Instead the focus was on Mata Hari's numerous romantic conquests where the names and status of these men began to blend together with few of them being memorable. The political scene, an important part of Mata Hari's story, was alluded to but not enough detail was given leaving me to feel like I wasn't quite grasping what was going on.

Due to the fact that Mata Hari's life continues to be shrouded in mystery this book was a big undertaking. And while this book wasn't my favourite book of Moran's she still remains one of my favourite authors and I look forward to her next book.

My sincere thanks to Touchstone books for providing me with an e-book copy in exchange for my honest review. Beautifully written. And again, I learned about a historical figure I knew very little about. Aug 05, Sharon rated it liked it Shelves: Find my review on my blog too! The Back Porch Review Everyone has those authors that are "auto-download" authors. For me, Michelle Moran is one of those authors. She always manages to seamlessly blend history and fiction. No questions asked. The story is told by Mata Hari h Find my review on my blog too!

The story is told by Mata Hari herself and is peppered with flashbacks to her childhood and formative years. We travel Europe with the dancer as she conquers news headlines and hearts and causes not a few scandals everywhere she goes.

Compared to her other novels, I feel as though Mata Hari was a smaller book. I was able to read it in about a day. I don't mind smaller novels, however, I left Mata Hari's book wanting more.

She was such a colorful character to put it mildly that I couldn't help but want to dive in deeper. Moran paints a picture of a woman with a troubled past who's formative years may have shaped her later life and ultimately led to her final fate. The pacing of this book was The bulk of the book is spent showing Mata Hari doing what she I guess? It almost became a bit repetitive until Moran branched off into more frequent glimpses of Mata Hari's past life. Just about the point where I finally felt like we were actually getting a glimpse of the TRUE woman behind the Mata Hari mask, Moran takes the story down yet a different vein - espionage.

In the end, I really did enjoy this book. Moran is a master of historical fiction and this book, in my opinion, is no different. Was it my favorite book from Moran?

Mata Hari's Last Dance

I'd have to say probably not. While enjoyable, I feel like other books contain more developed characters and I always kept wanting Mata Hari to be better fleshed out. Will Moran keep being one of my "auto download" authors?

Absolutely - without a doubt. I can't wait to read whatever she releases next! Jul 16, Toni Osborne rated it really liked it. In this latest tale inspired by Mata Hari, Michelle Moran brings to life the infamous and enigmatic dancer, courtesan and suspected spy. Michelle Moran is one of my favourite historical fiction writers, this time she brings to the forefront the lives of strong, independent women In this latest tale inspired by Mata Hari, Michelle Moran brings to life the infamous and enigmatic dancer, courtesan and suspected spy.

Michelle Moran is one of my favourite historical fiction writers, this time she brings to the forefront the lives of strong, independent women to WW1 and has giving us a vivid look at how they lived in a stifling era. Although, Ms. In time of war it was a dangerous way of life and in February spy agent H21 known as Mata Hari was taken into custody, later to be accused and put to death. This book is not overly taxing and is rather short less than pages In fact I think Ms.

Moran made a right decision to cut short her narrative. Too many dances, too many conquers to describe would have made this story boring by focusing on the important points and getting the point across we have the base needed to better know who was Mata Hari, her background and who she became.

Well-done Ms. Aug 26, Zoe rated it really liked it. All my reviews can be found on my blog at www. This is a fascinating and engaging story about the life of Mata Hari, the famous dancer, courtesan, who was tried and convicted by the French for being a double agent during WWI, and was subsequently executed for treason by firing squad in It is told in first-person narration, and it takes us through a life filled with abandonment, abuse, poverty, riches, love, loss, and wartime.

Mata Hari lived in a time when respectable All my reviews can be found on my blog at www. Mata Hari lived in a time when respectable woman were meant to be demure and obedient and she was certainly nothing of the sort.

She appeared to be extremely independent and passionate, but one wonders if this was simply a facade for loneliness and naivete.

I have to admit that I knew very little about Mata Hari when I started this book, and I found her story to be extremely captivating and intriguing. It certainly leaves you questioning whether she was truly a spy or whether she merely got caught up in all the glitz and glamour and, ultimately, chose the wrong paramours. The writing is poetic and the story flows effortlessly from page to page.

I really enjoyed this story and I highly recommend it. Jan 07, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: I admit I knew next to nothing about Mata Hari. The beauty of historical fiction is you learn about history in such an interesting way. I really enjoyed learning about her life and her struggles.Tapi di mana guru kami mulai mencari Sembilan-Yin manual, ketika dia belum belajar Sembilan-Yang secara keseluruhan?

I do think that Mata Hari would make an interesting subject for a novel, but the execution is so odd. Golok pembunuh naga telah jatuh ke tangan Xie Xun yang berjulukan "Singa emas dari partai sesat Ming", sedangkan Pedang Langit ada di partai Gobi.

At Hourly History, we focus on publishing history books that are concise, straightforward and take no longer than one hour to read. Nov 23, J. Merasa tertekan dengan pekerjaannya, karena tidak sesuai passion.

Astounded by the amount of money she could demand for a single performance in the nude, Mata Hari burned through several fortunes before the beginning of World War 1. Don't you just hate it when you download a book with marketing gimmicks instead of synopsis on its back cover? Dan saya baru menemukan Adenita di sini. A woman who lived and loved well, only to be executed in war.

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