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Ramesh Kumar Arora, Rajni Goyal, Indian Public Administration: Institutions And Issues, It comprises fifteen books dealing extensively with the powers and. success of Indian democracy will depend not only on the wisdom of book “The study of Public Administration” published in In this. interested in the study of Indian Administration will find the book quite handy. Download and Read Free Online Public Administration in India Siuli Sarkar Public Administration in India by Siuli Sarkar Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books.

Indian Public Administration: Institutions and Issues

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I'd like to read this book on site Don't have a site? Product details Paperback Publisher: English ISBN Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Public Administration. M Laxmikanth. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. For example, both rich and poor will be treated equally without any favour for one side.

However, New Public Administration championed the cause of the disadvantaged sections in society and openly sided with them. Thus, it emphasised value factor in administration. New Public Administration specifically emphasised that the basic function of administration is to distribute the resources in such a way to reduce the economic and social inequalities.

This is to maintain social equity. New Public Administration attacked the traditional concept of maintaining status quo same status and advocated innovation and change.

Ramesh New Public Administration is called anti-positivist. Positivist denotes the perception that everything is perfect. But, the reality of the situation was not so. Karl Marx regarded Censorship as a bureaucratic instrument for maintaining politics as a reserved domain of a particular class.

According to this, the top officials entrust the understanding of the specifics to the lower levels, while the lower level officials credit the top with understanding of the general, and so, all are mutually deceived. According to Riggs, five important functions are discharged in all the societies.

Public Administration Books

Economic 2. Social 3. Communication 4. Symbolic and 5. Heterogeneity, according to Riggs, means the simultaneous presence of quite different kinds of systems, practices and viewpoints. This is unique to prismatic model. Formalism means the extent to which a discrepancy exists between the prescriptive and descriptive — ideals and realities — objectives and performance — aims and achievements.

Formalism is the opposite of realism. In the Prismatic societies there is high level of formalism and low level of realism. Hence the Fused-Prismatic-Diffracted model is not unidirectional. Constitutional formalism is the gap between the constitutional principles and their actual implementation.

One example for constitutional formalism in India is that while the function of legislation law making is entrusted to the legislators by the Constitution, it is delegated to the bureaucrats in the name of delegated legislation. Overlapping is the extent to which formally differentiated structures of a diffracted society co-exist with undifferentiated structures of a fused society.

Various manifestations of Overlapping are: 1. Nepotism 2.


Poly-communalism 3. Poly- normativism 4. Existence of clects 5. Lack of consensus 6. Separation of authority from control.

This may drive the administrator to reckon the reaction of his boss as Available online at www. As such, the accuracy of the prediction will be higher in the bottom physical needs of the hierarchy and it reduces as one goes up in the hierarchy. It is easy to guess what a person, who is deprived of food, will do.

But, it is difficult to guess what a person, who is denied appreciation by his boss, will do. Satisfaction is a relative term. Emergence of a particular need after satisfaction of a lower order need is not sudden but a gradual phenomenon. Both are different and discrete feelings. They are not opposite ends of the same continuum, but are ends of separate continuums.

He is a member of a higher level group and the leader of a lower-level group. Ramesh q F. Taylor and Jonh D.

This is because, what has to be supervised is not only the individual subordinates, but also the numerous permutations and combinations of their mutual relationships. Investigation is inquiry on receipt of specific complaint. Inspection is sudden visit to find out any faults. Supervision more than control and it connote education and guidance.

It can be vice versa or between units equal in status. The difference is that, in the centralised systems, the filed units are only executing agencies and cannot take independent decisions whereas in the decentralised systems, the field units have decision-making authority. The authority ceases Available online at www.

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Ramesh to carry legitimacy when the rulers do illegal things in legal authority , ignore the traditions in traditional authority and lose charisma in Charismatic authority. Follet, like authority, responsibility also flows from the function work and situation, and NOT from the status in the hierarchy.

The reason is that it advocates participation of people in the process of administration. It means delegated functions cannot be delegated again. That is, if A delegates a work to B, B in turn cannot delegate it to any other person. These three personnel systems can be remembered easily with the mnemonic BAD. Ramesh q While Board and Commission undermine unity of command, bureau does not undermine it. The reason is that a single person mans a bureau, while a board or commission is generally manned by more than one person.

The reasons are: Parliament in India is not a rival to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet relieves the burden of the Prime Minister and acts as a coordinator; and there are comparatively few political appointees at the top. The Executive, who needs money, places the Appropriation bill. The parliament cannot give more money than needed by the executive.

The report is submitted first to the President who lays it before the Lok Sabha, which it turn gives it to the PAC for scrutiny.

In case the Finance Ministry considers any of the recommendations of the PAC difficult to implement, the matter is referred to the Parliament for decision. Accountability refers to the formal and specific location of responsibility, whereas responsibility has a highly personal, moral quality and is not necessarily related to formal status or power. Responsibility is subjective and works from within, whereas accountability is objective and works from without.

Paul H. Appleby considers administration to be a political process and mainly concerned with policy-making.

He also asserted that public adminsitration is different from private administration. Clect: A prismatic social group that combines modern forms of association with a traditional communal orientation. It is taken from the words clique or clan and sect.

Diffracted Society: Denotes a social system where each structure performs a limited number of functions. It stands for a highly developed society in which all structures are highly specific and new structures are both differentiated and integrated. This represents developed societies.

Fused Society: A social system where all structures are highly diffused and each structure performs a large number of functions. Riggs coined this term to represent an undeveloped traditional society. Grape vine: The informal communication network within the organisation.

Comparative Public Administration

Job-enlargement and Job-enrichment: Job enlargement is an attempt to make job more interesting and satisfying by increasing the variety of jobs to be performed by the employees. Job-enrichment, on the other hand, means an attempt to make routine jobs more meaningful by providing more challenging tasks, responsibility and autonomy.

If job-enlargement is considered as horizontal expansion activity, job-enrichment can be considered as vertical expansion of responsibility and autonomy. O and M: It is a management aid or technique to improve administrative efficiency. Ramesh Propaganda: A conscious effort to mislead people by persuading them to believe false information as true and correct. The income tax collected by the Centre is necessarily distributed between the Centre and the States.

However, the Centre retains the surcharge on income tax and it is not distributed among the States. Unlike the income tax, it is not mandatory on the Central Government to distribute Excise duty.

The High Courts shall exercise Writ Jurisdiction for the enforcement of Fundamental rights and for any other purpose also.

But Supreme Court can exercise its Writ jurisdiction only for the purpose of enforcing the Fundamental rights. Thus the Writ jurisdiction of High courts is wider than that of the Supreme Court. He shall however exercise his vote, except in the case of tie. All disputes among States arising out of any treaty, agreement etc entered upon before the commencement of the Constitution are outside the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The President not by the Supreme Court on the basis of advisory opinion of the Supreme Court decides these disputes.

While getting approval for the Presidential Ordinance, if the two Houses Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are summoned on different dates, the period of six weeks shall be counted from the latter date.

The Right to property deleted from the Fundamental rights by the 44th Amendment , and converted into an ordinary legal right under Article A. They are 1. Forests 3. Population control and Family Planning 4. Education, including medical and technical, and 5.

Weights and measures except establishment of Standards. Unlike a federation, India is a Union of States. This means two things: 1. Indian Union is not a result of agreement of independent and sovereign states whereas Federation is a result of such agreement. The States do not have right to secede from the Union whereas in the case of Federation, the constituent units shall have the right to secede from the Federation.

But it is commonly believed that it was Available online at www. Ramesh appointed on Panchayat Raj, which is incorrect. Generally it prevails in the tribal communities. While counting the disqualification period of 60 days for MPs, that period will not be counted when the House was adjourned for more than 4 days consecutively.

Under Article 87 of the Constitution, the Presidential Address to both the Houses of Parliament assembled together is mandatory at the commencement of the first session of each year or after every general election. Gorwala reported that corruption is prevalent in India, while Appleby reported that corruption is not so rampant as alleged. They, however, work with the State Governments. Among these, the Government accepted only one, Medical Science. This is mainly to protect a candidate who had done well in the written examination but lacks high level of oral communication ability.Chemical Engineering Objective Type.

See the review. Poly-communalism 3. Can go for it.. Herbert Simon widened the scope of Public Administration by relating it to Psychology, sociology, economics and Political Science. All disputes among States arising out of any treaty, agreement etc entered upon before the commencement of the Constitution are outside the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Comparative Public Administration.

Formalism is the opposite of realism. However, the Administrative Staff College at Hyderabad caters to the private sector also. Office of the UPSC does not mean the Chairman and the members, but it means the other official staff who are in the administration.

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